Commonly heard terms while out hunting.

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A few of the most commonly heard terms out hunting explained.

  • Cap - The daily charge for non-subscribers (Please offer your cap, do not wait to be asked for it)
  • Casting - When hounds are looking for the line they are said to be “casting”.
  • The Huntsman may direct the hounds then he is casting.
  • Check - When the hounds lose the line.
  • Couple - Two hounds. Also two collars linked on a chain seen hanging on the hunt staff's saddles.
  • Covert - Pronounced “cover” - the place where the huntsman thinks the line might begin.
  • Draw - To send hounds through a covert to find.
  • Field - The mounted followers.
  • Field Master - The person who leads the mounted field during the days hunting.
  • Foil - Any smell or disturbed ground which spoils the scent line of the quarry.
  • Line - The scent left by the quarry.
  • Speak - Hounds do not bark, they speak or give tongue when they are hunting a scent.  
  • Antis Although all Hunts comply fully with the Hunting Act the anti-hunt monitors still grace now and again with their presence.

(Photo Credit Lynne Shore Photography)


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