How to plaiting a tail for hunting

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plaited tail for hunting

(Photo Credit Eleanor Joseph)

Do you ever look at someone’s tail out on the hunting field and think WOW.

A neatly plaited tail accentuates a horses hindquarters, Stops a muddy tail flapping in-between the horses legs and would stop the tail getting caught up on anything. It also adds to the overall picture of refinement and elegance.

Here are some tips on how to plait your horse’s tail like a pro.

To get a good plait, you must have a good tail to start with, begin with a freshly shampooed tail, you can use a styling spray to get grip on the hair, but do avoid any coat polish or detangler, as it will make the hair slick.

Dampen the hair at the top and all along the sides of the dock with a mixture of water and a styling spray.

You’ll need a piece of plaiting thread, a comb and a pair of scissors. Make sure you match the thread to your horse’s tail.

If your horse is tall, you’ll also need a step stool so that you aren’t accidentally pulling the hair downward as you Plait.  Pulling downward will eventually cause the tail braid to droop and sag. Instead, you want to hold each section of hair level as you plait.

Separate out three sections of hair at the very top of the dock. One section comes from the left side, one from the right side, and one from the centre. Although the hair for the centre section may be very short, especially if your horse rubs his tail, you can coax it into submission with extra styling spray.

Using the three sections, begin your plait.

As you pick up hair from alternating sides to plait into the plait, reach for hair underneath the dock. Only take a few strands at a time, or plait will become too bulky.

Press inward toward the dock each time you plait the hair together. This will help prevent the plait from sagging away from the tail bone.

Don't take too much hair into the plait from the sides, keep it even to about 3/4 way down the dock then gradually start getting all the hair into 1 plait keeping it tight to the end of the tail.

Band the end and fold twice to the base of the dock so in equal 3rds.

Sew each fold as you go.

Once secured sew down both edges, and that's it!

(Photo credit Kate George)

This method can also be used on a nicely pulled tail, start your plait at the bottom of where the tail has been pulled and then plait as above, just remember to keep the tail plait tight.

Many thanks to Eleanor Joseph & Mandy Cobb for your pro top tip.

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