About us

As a young lady who has been privileged enough to grow up on a farm, living in the stunning countryside I soon grasped a love for hounds & hunting, I remember my first days hunting I talked about it for weeks on end afterwards & drove my mother mad asking when could I go again, as I grew older the more I learnt, the more I loved, and the more I loved the more I learnt, therefore I found myself more and more on the hunting field than actually working, so I decided to take my work to the hunting field instead.

I only buy the best so therefore will only sell the best , I wouldn't recommend something if I wouldn't actually use it or have it myself.

Please take time to browse through the The Old Hunting Habit shop. The stock changes on a regular basis so do pop back and keep looking, but if you are after something in particular then let us know and we will try our best to source it for you.

Although The Old Hunting Habit is web based we do have premises in Derbyshire where you are more than welcome to come and 'try on' by appointment. We will do our best to find a suitable time to suit but obviously when i am not on the hunting field!

Many thanks for visiting, any questions at all please do email me amy@theoldhuntinghabit.co.uk.


Amy xxx

Amy Bryan Dowell founder of The Old Hunting Habit