The painfully early mornings are worth it when you're following hounds at the most magical time of the day.

Posted by Amy Bryan Dowell on

Alarm set for 3:30am, I for one am definitely NOT the best person in the morning until I have had a very strong coffee, all you are likely to get out of me is the odd grunt, but what could be better way to start your morning than following hounds under a pink sky as the sun rises on a misty autumn morning, or riding across country in a landscape where everything is a mixture of the most beautiful golden colours.

I love nothing more than sitting on my horse, watching the young hounds (my puppies) learn from the older ones, as the mist rises from the stubble and the day gets brighter and brighter in front of you, it really does sets you up for the rest of the day!

I for one am still trying to hold off that dreaded time of year when you blow horse hairs from your nose, and have an itchy neck in that jacket for the next month, yes CLIPPING! All worth it when you stand stroking your horses freshly clipped neck and it feels like velvet.

After your early start you need, no, you deserve a long, hot, steaming bath to ease your bones on returning from a day at work (yes work, we do actually work regardless of what the antis may think) Bliss, however we all know it won’t be long before our little feet friends will be returning… yes chilblains.

It is so important to remember that without a Huntsman and his hounds there would be no sport. Always remember to say "Goodnight"  although at 9am this does sound a little strange, and don’t forget those two very importants words “Thank you” to the Masters and the Hunt Staff, It really does goes a long way to help them feel appreciated, especially the Hunt Staff.



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