Thermatex Original Cooler Rug


  • £180.00


The original Thermatex horse cooler rug - ideal for use after exercise, during travel or as a stable rug.

Moulds to your horse's body shape. As there is no joining seam in the material the rug takes your horse's body profile. Direct contact ensures the most efficient use of the wicking technology.

Main features:

Advanced high performance quilted wicking fabric
Manufactured in a unique wool and acrylic blend 
Polypropylene insulating layer
Individually hand cut for a perfect fit
Double front closure
Belly strap for easy use
Wither pad
Fillet loops
Single binding (choice of 19 colours)
Roko fittings as standard
Easy to fit
Machine washable
23 fabric colours available
Available in 4ft (122cm) upwards


Each rug is custom made to your color requirements, please allow 7-14 working days for your order, any questions please email

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