Sponsored Riders

Chloe Gunn

Chloe Gunn Dorset based who works for the NFU Mutal, comes from a totally non-horseyfamily and her love of horses was sparked when she asked for a riding lesson for her sixth birthday,  Chloe is now a champion equestrian sportswoman competing at the highest level side saddle, but a girl after my own heart who also enjoys the winter months following hounds.


Oaklawn Gypsy aka The Cow Pony is totally home-produced and Chloe really appreciates the support she gets from home, The Cow Pony does also has his own facebook page

 I know this fantastic duo are going to be such a great credit and a huge asset for promoting my business as Chloe genuinely share's the same passion as i do. 


Robyn Catterall

A software engineer for Hoy Dorman civil engineers. Robyn has been competing side saddle for four years and it's now one of her biggest passions in life. She competes on her own Arctic Eclipse and Michael Lewis' Carnsdale Irish Times, and has had brilliant success this year including taking the Ladies Side saddle Championship at Balmoral Show and winning the Costume Concours Championship at the national Side saddle show, wearing a costume supplied by TOHH.