The Jayne Ross Riding Horse Double Bridle

  • £135.00

We are so proud to bring you from Total Impact the Jayne Ross range of three show bridles, designed exclusively by Jayne and ourselves to look the part and enhance your horse in the show ring. .


Here we have the Riding Horse Double bridle.  Made in England of premier English leather by craftsmen, this beautiful bridle is designe by Jayne to look good on your riding horse. We have designed the unique 'Bridle Bar' so you can choose seperate pieces to ensure a good fit. Bits available seperately.


The cheek width is 5'8" and has an elegant raised cavesson noseband and 1/2" sliphead.

We supply a plain browband so you may add your own velvet colours to it or use your own browband. The one shown is from our Silverburn Range and is available seperately.


We also supply seperately plaited or laced reins, krank nosebands, and alternative length cheek pieces to ensure our bridles fit any horse, so please contact us for further details and prices if you have any queries please email me

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