Fox Mask Cufflinks

  • £25.00


A pair of stunning pewter foxes head cufflinks on Sterling silver T-bar mechanisms.

Hunting gifts for men

Great gifts for lovers of the British Countryside

There are several pairs of silver coloured fox cufflinks out there, but ours have a shallow profile, so don't stick out as much and won't tear the linings of jackets.

The perfect gift for any Fantastic Mr. Fox!

Fox symbolism

In Finnish mythology, the fox is depicted usually a cunning trickster, but seldom evil. The fox, while weaker, in the end outsmarts both the evil and voracious wolf and the strong but not-so-cunning bear. It symbolises the victory of intelligence over both malevolence and brute strength.

Foxes are smart, creative, and cunning creatures

In fact, it is admired for its ability to use its intelligence and wit to outsmart the most strongest and fearful predators, and emerge as a true hunter, irrespective of being physically weak from its competitors.



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