Wire Cutters & Leather Case

  • £45.00


Our tough steel cutters are capabale of cutting up to 1.6mm of thick steel whilst on horse back out in the field. They have rubber handles for extra grip and fit very snuggly in both mens and womens hands.
The leather case is made from thick dark brown leather and features a strap on the back to attached straight on to the saddle.
To close the saddle case you simply push the leather over the stud to close.
The case features matching brown stitching and is naturally waterproof but we do advise that you treat the leather.
The dimensions overall are 3.25 inches x 7 inches high when closed.
The steel wire cutters are a total of 150mm tall and weigh approximately 40 grams.
The steel handles are wrapped in thick black rubber for extra grip and the core is made from hardened steel.


This item is kept in stock so we aim to dispatch the following day, at busy times of the year please do allow 3-4 working days.
Any questions please email amy@theoldhuntinghabit.co.uk


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